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Become a VolunteerSearch and Rescue Ministry, Inc is striving to presentVolunteer Christ to every person we have opportunity.  You can partner with us as we labor to do our part in fulfilling the Great Commission. Here are some ways you can help:

Pray for Us – We need prayer warriors to intercede on behalf of the volunteers and staff of Search and Rescue Ministry. See web page: “Get Involved – Pray” for more information.

Give financially – Consider putting us in your church’s (or your own) monthly budget. We operate solely from donations, while most of our labor including our administration, come from volunteer service. It does, however take money to operate; a large portion goes for advertising, to pay general bills, and to move our organization forward. All gifts are tax-deductible and will go toward advancing the purpose of this organization. You can visit our online donation center here.

Volunteer to Start a Search and Rescue Team in Your Church
– YouVolunteer at your church can use the information on this site to organize a Search and Rescue Team, and you can fulfill the Great Commission in your local area. Churches across America are suffering from lack of spiritual commitment from its members, this can be a great way to ignite a flame in your local congregation, and get members motivated to work together, and the church will grow in the process! It all starts with you. Contact us if you have any questions or need any help with starting the program. Download a PDF copy of the complete training manual here!

Volunteer to Share the Gospel in Your area – When we get request for Personal Connections on this site, we have to reach out to local churches and volunteers in order to make the connection. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer in your local area, we ask that you first read through all of our Training Materials and fully understand our purpose, once you have done that we ask that you read the “About” us information. When Honoryou have completed reading the “Training” and the “About” sections of this website, and you feel you are ready to Share the Gospel with others. Only then should you complete the form below. If you have already done so then we are ready for you! We need Men and Women who are ready to share the Gospel and ready to labor with the Spirit to fulfill the GreatCommission. Complete the form below and submit!

Other ways to help!
Volunteer to give a Donation
– Consider donating something you no longer need (example: boat, car, land, stocks, bonds, antiques, etc.). Pray and ask God how he wants you to help! Many of our supporters have their funds in savings, CDs or other cash-type accounts. There can be several advantages to making a cash gift to us at year-end. First, of course, is seeing your gift help lead the lost to Christ. Second is the tax savings provided by an itemized deduction for the value of your gift. There are many of our friends who might consider other types of gifts. Appreciated property such as stocks, bonds, real estate or others provide special opportunities for either outright gifts or lifetime income gifts. The appreciated assets may be given to Search and Rescue Ministry without paying taxes on the appreciation and provide a charitable deduction based on a full fair market value. On the other hand, depreciated assets you wish to give should be sold and the proceeds given to the Ministry. This way you can claim the loss up to applicable limits and also deduct the value of the actual gift amount. It is even possible to join Search and Rescue Ministry to make a gift that provides you and a survivor income as long as either of you live. These gift-giving agreements are IRS approved and vary in the details, but have the following general characteristics:

1.      Income, paid at a specified rate and frequency

2.      A partial tax deduction for the gift based on the rate for the assets donated

3.      Final benefit to Search and Rescue Ministry, Inc.

Call our director personally at 304-785-1048 for more information regarding the exact arrangement best fitting your personal needs and wishes.

THANK YOU to every church, individual and organization that supports Search and Rescue Ministry! Without your generous giving of both time and finances this Ministry would not be possible.

To become a volunteer in your local area, please comeplete and submit the form below!
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"Training" and "About" sections of this site and you are willing and equipped to volunteer
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Search and Rescue Ministry is a Non-Profit who works through
Volunteers in order to fulfill the Great Commission!

We currently operate in the Continental USA (lower 48 states).

We would like to labor with you! Get involved today!


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