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How We Operate:

This Ministry is a Labor of Love! We Labor because We Love God, and we want to be found accepted when he comes!

Jesus Commissioned us to spread the Gospel to the entire World and that is our desire.
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This Ministry works in several ways:

- We strive to encourage Spiritual Growth in Christians!

- We strive to provide a constant reminder of our purpose here and the instructions Jesus gave us to Spread the Gospel.

- We strive to Inspire Churches and Christians to Spread the Gospel near and far by Training and Equiping them with the means of Starting and Perticipating in Search and Rescue Teams!

- We work closely with Churches and Volunteers who are willing to share the Gospel.  We assist in providing names and contact information of unsaved individuals in their imediate area who they may contact and help Rescue from Satan's hold!

-   We work to provide photo and video ads, in which Churches and Volunteers can use in their advertisments or on social media, to help encourage Christians and lead the Lost to Christ!

- We are also available to help in many other ways. If you have an idea or have a question, please feel free to contact us. We want to work one on one with you!

We do not sell anything or have any "members" to collect tithes from, we simply operate from "Free Will Offerings". 

This Ministry if 100% Faith Driven, it was organized by Faith and it operates by Faith. Day by Day, Week by Week, Month by Month, and Year by Year, we trust God to supply our needs, and normally he uses Men and Women as your self to supply it! 

If God lays on your heart to give a donation to this Ministry, you can visit our donation page here.

Invest in the Work of God!

Search and Rescue Ministry is a Non-Profit who works through
Volunteers in order to fulfill the Great Commission!

We currently operate in the Continental USA (lower 48 states).

We would like to labor with you! Get involved today!


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